I'm often asked questions about my musical gear, my guitars and my sound system. So this page is to shed some light on how and what makes up the Flip Flop sound.

Flip Flop Guitars :


Acoustic / Electric guitars by:
Ovation, Yamaha, Xavier, G&L, Fender and Line6

Strings by D'Addario -   Acoustic  E J-11  .12 - .53

                                             Electric     NYXL  .11 - .50
Picks by Dunlop -            Tortex Red .050 / Orange  .63

My Live Guitar Pedalboard Rig :

Tone Trunk Board
Boss           AD-10  Acoustic Preamp Processor
Peterson   Stomp - Strobe Tuner
Strymon    Deco
Pigtronix   Philosopher's Tone Optical Compressor

Pigtronix   Quantum Modulator / Chorus

Electro Harmonix   Canyon Delay

Earthquaker Devices   Plumes Overdrive

Line6          G70  Wireless for guitars

Supro Blues King 12  -  Electric guitar amp

Gibraltar Music Rack
Apple iPad Pro

Radial  Pro AV1 - DI

My LIVE Sound System :

Turbosound IP 2000 - Powered Arrays - 2

Seismic Audio - powered monitors

​Behringer 1622X  Audio Mixer

Microphones by:  Audio-Technica and Shure

DMX / LED  Lighting by American DJ and Chauvet

1 -   ADJ  RGBW4C  IR  DMX Lighting Controller
4  -  ADJ  LED  Mega Par 56

2  -  ADJ  LED  Par 38's

1  -  ADJ  Micro Royal Galaxian II Laser

1 -   ADJ   H2O  LED Water (rippling water effect)

2 -   Chauvet  Intimidator 110 Moving Head LED Spots

2 -   Lighting Stands

The Flip Flop Man records and rehearses

in his home studio in Pollock, Louisiana.